1. What does freedom mean for you and how is it expressed in your work?

Freedom to me means honesty and integrity in who I am and how I move out into the world. In my work, freedom is most often expressed in my personal work and with clients that trust me enough to give them the best of myself.

2. What are the most influential experiences that define where you are right now in your career?

I recently moved back to Bend, OR (where I grew up) from Denver. I’ve lived in cities all of my adult life. Coming back to Bend is causing me to reevaluate my life and where I want to go. I am at a crossroads in my career after 10 years in the Graphic Design/Motion Graphics field. I have a strong desire to bring the fine artist part of myself back into my life, and somehow merge all of my acquired experiences/skills into something that not only pays my bills but feeds my soul.
My new home is in a forest and I am really enjoying spending most of my time in nature. I hope to create a magical, artistic environment that supports and encourages the new version of myself I am working on brining forth.

3. Do you think that you are authentic and what does it implicate for you?

I am an extremely authentic person…which has made life difficult in some ways…I have been told I can be intimidating and intense. I also think because of my introverted nature I can be perceived as aloof, but really, I am super sensitive and a deep thinker.
Being authentic didn’t always fit well into cliques, I don’t know how to make small talk…In social situations, I am always super grateful when a friendly extrovert engages me.

4. What is it that excites you the most and make you feel magical?

ANYTHING ARTISTIC/CREATIVE…I CAN WATCH PEOPLE DANCE ALL DAY! Before I went to Graphic Design school at CCA in SF, I was a dancer/performer in Seattle, and I studied theater, dance, psychology, fine art and post modern lit in my undergraduate degree. I always wanted to be an artist, but I had to eat…and so, I left Seattle to pursue a design career because it seemed to bridge both worlds.
I love, love, love creating abstract, emotional landscapes with photography/animation/video….usually the images come from reoccurring dreams. Speaking of, yesterday I was accepted into Denver Digerati’s “SuperNova” film festival (Denver’s premier environment for innovative, motion-based artists and their work. A division of the Denver Theatre District, administered and curated by Ivar Zeile and Ryan Pattie.) coming up in Sept. Peter Burr is one of the juror’s I’m a huge fan of his work!!!
SUPERNOVA 2017 will take place September 22nd & 23rd in Denver, Colorado. More info here

5. How does Greg’s work influence and inspire you?

I am a huge fan of Greg’s work! He has an amazing eye for composition, lighting and detail. He is my second pair of eyes before I send out work to clients andI I trust his opinion completely. Greg and I meet when we were 21, and I have watched his work evolve and grow. I found a photo he took of me many years ago…I was moved to tears, he is so talented, and so unassuming, he has no idea what he is capable of.
We inspire each other with dreams and goals, we pick each other up when we are discouraged…creating a new life can be so hard. We are each other’s foundation that everything else is built on, and we have the same goals.

6. What relaxes you the most and gives you the utmost energy?

Nature, dance, creating and yoga. If that could be my life, I would call it good.

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