About Sabin

sabin_aell_portraitSabin Aell was born and raised in Austria. Her work was shown in Berlin, London, Seoul, Adelaide, Stockholm, Vienna and the US. Her use of media has no limits and ranges from photography to mixed media to film.

After living in Vienna and Frankfurt, Sabin moved to Denver in 2006. Two years later, in 2008, she opened HINTERLAND, an art space, which has become a significant hub for local and national emerging artists. 2012 HINTERLAND was awarded with the Mastermind Award by Westword a local news paper, which is a grant given yearly to five artists or organizations who change the cultural landscape of Denver.

Sabin’s work reaches back to an intense career as a multimedia designer. She worked for Ogilvy & Mather, a large New York based advertising agency in Frankfurt. She was responsible for concept and strategy development for large intranet & internet applications. During the last 10 years she has grown her experience into product, jewelry and interior design. A recent collaborative project together with her husband was the design and build of the expansion of City O’ City, a vegan restaurant in Denver. The design included extensive murals and a line of custom made fiberoptic light sculptures. One of them a 10.5 foot long chandelier is a spectacular highlight and has been featured in various magazines. With the launch of “UBUNTU . unspoken trust” in 2013, a collaborative art-dance performance intersecting with the work of three multi-disciplinary artists, Aell branched out into another creative field: set and costume design.

Sabin Aell’s work mirrors our desire to get closer to the edges and explore uncertainties. She finds herself in Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote: “One must have a chaos inside oneself to give birth to a dancing star.” Sabin is known for her unconventional use and combination of non traditional materials. Her adept handling of textures, forms and other components opens to an interesting and irresistible new world.

“I love to work with my hands and create visually interesting and nurturing objects. Contrasts attract me. I enjoy experimenting with the strange and unrelated materials I run into, fusing them together. It’s an interesting resonance, the response and opposing elements that start to form an alliance. Such symbioses may irritate, provoke or be, simply beautiful.”

Her work is a fervent play with concealed meaning and a language other than words.

“I feel like a player between the zones of the seen and the unseen. New and old techniques, technologies and the endless variety of materials thrills me. It is again the power of the contrast, the use and handling of different textures and substances which draw me into a world where loose molecules are floating around, waiting to be touched, connected and forged into something else. Creation transfers me into a wild and vast undiscovered terrain. This is exactly were I want to be.”

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