New Show at Walker Fine Art


photography based mixed media artwork in resin

at Walker Fine Art
Opening Night May 8, 6-9pm

For those who have seen MOND:SEE at Walker Fine Art in 2013 and are familiar with the layered resin process Sabin Aell is working with for several years, might understand the fascination with this process. Sabin Aell created another body of work in resin, continuing her attraction to irregular shapes.

“The non-rectangular forms assure my work the freedom and flexibility to step over boundaries. This is essential in correlating with the concepts that drive my work.”

Aell will be extending her work on a distinctive layer of wall design. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out this Friday.

“I selected abstract photography to add color but also to avoid too much concrete visual associations with things or objects. Over ten layers of resin encase my journey through soft unfolding romances.”

Conceptually the work is playing with the subject of detachment to the outcome you want to experience and the idea to give up past conditioning of the known. Detachment transforms desire into choice.

This work in resin suggests to open yourself up to the beauty of uncertainty. The artwork allows you to chime in and add your own melody.

“My song is airy, full of everything and nothing. Don’t think, don’t hesitate, don’t hold back – empty your mind – breathe in and exhale gently. Enjoy the Buoyancy of Nothing.”


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