City O’ City

For the design and build of City O’ City, Custom by Rushton teamed up with artist Sabin Aell. We used 99% reclaimed materials to build and finish the vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

Kitchen, barista bar, and the hostess stand were built by Randy Rushton out of a 1946 Fruehauf moving trailer. The soda fountain chairs were discovered at a famous junkyard owned by JR where the legendary German band “Einstuerzende Neubauten” once performed. The 8-top table was part of Randy’s family heritage; his father told the story about Jesse James playing cards on that table. The other parts Randy filled in with wood from the Governor’s Mansion that he saved from being thrown out.


The task lighting for the restaurant include the gooseneck lights above the kitchen area, the 2 double lights, and the glass dome lights above the barista area. All these lights were salvaged, repurposed, and reused. All were repaired, polished, and retrofitted with low-wattage LED bulbs to save energy.THE AQUATIC COLLECTION

The decorative lighting for the restaurant was also made out of reclaimed materials. For the small lights over tables we used squirrel cage fan blades from fans as the basic design feature to which we attached others light components. Those included old typeset-holders used by the Rocky Mountain Seed company to print their seed packages with, old test tubes, plastic washers and brite lites. The only thing not reclaimed was fiber optics.

To finish the look and the structure of the big chandelier, we used aluminum strips fallen off a truck and run over countless times by cars. This punched a stunning moire pattern into the metal. The 10, 5 ft long chandelier is lit entirely by the LEDs which light up the fiber optics. All the lights used in this design and build process use less than 45 watts total, which is less then a regular light bulb.

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