Costume– and Set Design

UBUNTU . I am you and you are me, 2014
at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

UBUNTU is a collaborative art-dance installation/performance intersecting the work of visual artist Sabin Aell, DJ poet Ian Doughtery and choreographer of Daughter Cells, Candess Giyan. Sabin Aell designed the costumes, the elaborate set-design and the shoe installation outside the building.

Ubuntu premiered June 27, 2013 at Hinterland.

For their Present Box exhibition, Sabin Aell, Candess Giyan, and Daughter Cells Dance turned BMoCA’s lounge into Ubuntu, an immersive art installation and stage for a series of interactive performances. The term “Ubuntu” refers to a need for human kindness and the belief in a universal bond, or an unspoken truth, of sharing that connects all humanity. The work critiques our society’s collective tendencies toward over-saturation and desensitization. It provided a vehicle for both viewer and performer to connect through a multiplicity of expressive art forms: dance, costume-design, visual installation, spoken text, and, perhaps most importantly, breath. For each performance the viewer enters a live art field as an active participant. Ubuntu is the coming together of witness and performer in a process that creates impact though the momentary presence of each individual in the shared space of BMoCA.The Project was sponsored by the New York Foundation of the Arts ( is an online community for artists and arts organizations brought to you by New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), one of the country’s most respected not-for-profit arts organizations.

UBUNTU . I am you and you are me, 2014
at Monkey Town 4

Monkey Town 4, was playing at the Exdo Hall through June 1, intertwined the senses of taste, sight, and hearing with a multi-course dinner and a video art program curated by artist and founder Montgomery Knott.

Each week artists of all genres were invited to compliment the event with a 15 minute live performance. Daughter Cells Dance was invited one week of May 2014 to perform a duet of

Hosted by HINTERLAND, the performance premiered June 27.
The piece performed in front of a sold out audience 5 times.


The hanging installation is made out of discarded billboards which Aell painted on and cut it into organic shapes. The mirrors are all -. Sabin used 3 different types of mirrors: vintage mirror tiles, hand silvered mirrors by Alchemy in Glass (donated) and regular mirrors. The mirrors pick up the colors, the dancers, the lights and reflect it back. The Fiberoptic Lights are also all handmade and described below.


These lights are constructed out of reclaimed swimming pool lane dividers. They are elegantly held together by fiber optics. The elements are painted in gradient colors ranging rom light yellow to dark brown.
These lights can be purchased in the desired length and in any colors gradient chosen by the customer.
Each of them will be custom made.
Prices upon request.

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