Jewelry Collection at MIAD

Milwaukee Institute for Art & Design, 2016

Beside my installtion and artwork in resin my spring jewlery collection was on show also.

“Material Girls” opened summer gallery night at MIAD

For international artists Sabin Aell, Nina Ghanbarzadeh and Nirmal Raja living between cultures is a way of life, influencing their lives, and their art.

These three female artists illustrated their sense of adventure and exploration in Material Girls, on view in the Brooks Stevens Gallery at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, July 22 – September 17.

Curated by Aell, Ghanbarzadeh and Raja, the exhibit illustrated their pasts through art, drawing from a tapestry of experiences stemming from living outside of their traditional cultures. Works are created using non-traditional materials, forming a visual collage that addresses the uncertain, the indescribable and the transcendental.

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