Mixed Media on Recycled Glass

On my way to everything…

2017, Walker Fine Art

Mixed Media on Recycled Glass
13 x 54 inch, 14 x 35 inch, 14 x 35inch, 20 x 20 inch

I used vintage car windows I found on our new land to use for this work. The different tint of the glass adds another aspect which I welcome. This work reflect on our journey and translate to a ride in the car – images impressions colors forms flash by – they are stored in our memory and encourage us to deal with change creatively. Odd shapes entice us to creatively roll with change.The more change the more we are given an opportunity to grow and discover secrets, knowledge and wisdom. To feel uncertain when stepping on unfamiliar ground is exciting and adventurous. Not knowing is the passage to knowing, bewilderedness the walkway towards focus and simplicity. My work on glass is an experimentation with nuances of newness and unexplained spaces. Moving through it effortlessly is my delightful daily training.

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