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Das Element Wasser und das Projekt “Die rote Flut” by Viol Martina, Offenbach Post (FFM, Germany), May 14
Die rote Flut, FRITZ Das Magazin (FFM, Germany), May 20

Talks and Pannel Discussions

2012 PechaKucha Night Denver, August 15, Taxi, Denver CO
Action Figures: Sabin Aell, March 13, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver CO
2011 Pannel Discussion “Reclamation”, June 2, Center for Visusal Arts Denver, Denver CO
Artist Talk “Triggered Momentum”, March 8, Walker Fine Art, Denver CO
Pannel Discussion, Sabin Aell, The Corvo Brothers, Bonny Lhotka, February 23, Walker Fine Art, Denver CO
2010 Shutter Shift, November 11, Walker Fine Art, Denver CO
Michael Paglia – Art Critic, Westword
Leanne Goebel – Art Critic, Art LTD and Adobe Airstream
Nora Burnett Abrams-Associate Curator MCA,
Sabin Aell, Albert Chong, Bonny Lhotka artists of Walker Fine Art
MODERATORS Erik Issac, Michael Keene

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